November 1, 2019

"...the most obvious part of Egyptian exceptionalism: concentrated quality." This makes me instantly look to Mexico, where they have a number of concentrated clubs where top-level players play each other. I touched on this in a recent blog post, Last Of A Kind, where I elude to a similar thought... "camp feel", to quote myself. Mexico's consistently improving results on the pro tours through the last decade is undeniable.

October 3, 2019

I think, of all the stuff I talk about, this took me the longest to get to. Not quite sure why, maybe because I was separating Restrungmag from my personal involvement to some extent. In this case, it took me years. I was reporting or more keeping things to my take professionally.

It also made me realize I wasn't talking at all while working with the LPRT. (True blogging.) I told myself I'll put all my energy into what I was doing during the season for the tour. But the truth, I see now, is that...

August 30, 2019

In my last blog post I wrote, "With my "racquetball-sport' energies significantly focused on the LPRT, I believe the fruit will come with a combination of execution and player buy in, as the LPRT works next season for a "real" growth. If we can transcend this operating model somehow, then all the shit talking I've written in the past few years may seem appropriate. If not, it's more like a fade away scene, like many of the issues and people I've written about in racquetball these past years." Th...

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