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The summer season.
Insel Pro Series
Groundbreaking PSA Challenger Series

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There's a place in Maspeth, Queens that makes squash sound industrial and feel inviting. Finding it makes the experience unique, in that, you'll have to traverse into an area that feels as though it is trailing off into a starkly populated mechanical neighborhood of warehouses. You'll find this Oasis of squash dropped inside of a steel yard. It's a chill spot to play, then sit back, hear some tunes... along with buzzing and banging, and have a beer, or a perrier.

What if the easiest way to play squash was hitting an outdoor court built with steel? (Welcome to my world.)

Outdoor squash is played exactly as you would play the game anywhere in the world. Except with rain delays and maybe some sunglasses or a winter hat... it's the same game only with a bit more gaming added to it.

Their website literally says, "Come play under our blue skies. Have the place to yourselves. Wear colors. Create memorable squash moments. Park right next to the court. Contact Robert."

I relish hitting in this space. in this space. I've had the experience of watching some of the world's best squash professionals hit on this one of kind court. I've seen groups work out and people enjoying the environment. If you're a squash head... there's nothing like it in the world. Guaranteed.

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