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PPA, APP, MLP, DUPR or ATP, ERNIE, and for the more sophisticated, Volley LLama. To me, these are terms I am now hearing on NYC Handball courts. We know how pickleball is growing. And it's understandable considering how easy the game is to pick up and just play. And if you have just enough fun, and find an easy way into some groups, you're instantly socialized into a space where these terms rule.

I see people in the city doing the same thing they did in the 70s and 80s, which is heading to NYC Parks to hit a ball with a paddle. Only now, it comes with a much higher acceptance into the cultural mainstream. I see the participation levels grow exponentially into lifestyles that accommodate a drastic shift in how personal time is spent. This isn't at all new, because racket sports in general, all facilitate this, it's just that the entry point for pickleball is now much easier to access. That, in itself, is a game-changer. It turbo-charges IDEAS OF SPORTING SUCCESS and opportunities for interactivity add to that, it is also becoming increasingly hyper-localized. Note: I now spend the time normally allotted for sports participation, with my wife, who now "gets" the constant need to get out and play. (A big win.)

PICKLEBALL is a game that requires an immense amount of structure to master though seemingly quant and simplistic initially. I contend that those levels are indeed still evolving, as more aggressive athletes translate already highly developed skillsets into growth opportunities bubbling on the professional level.



Just YoutTube "Pickleball"...


... hyper-localized for most.

If you're in New York City, you'll find this group working hard to aggregate groups into appropriately rated tribes and communities, providing information for organized competitions, gear, and ah-yes, lessons.




Pop Tennis aka Paddle Tennis is the "original" Paddle Tennis created in the US in 1898. (Not to be confused with Platform Tennis or Padel... both of which have barriers surrounding the court... I mean this figuratively also.) Pop Tennis is played almost exactly like tennis, except on a smaller court and you must serve underhand. 

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