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Fitness Meets Educational Learning


Full-Service Multiball Installation And Educational Engagement Training.


Exercise through physical, interactive sports games and puzzles. Turn recreational time into learning fun.

We make it easy for you to get the most out of Multiball.

Children are naturally active. All we need to do is to trigger it. MultiBall is a mixed reality sports and gaming platform built for the interaction between physical activity and digital games.

The concept is pretty simple. Fun and Entertainment. All you need is a ball that you kick, throw or hit with a racquet to play MultiBall Games.Educational Games to learn math, geography or improve memory skills, hand-eye-coordination are easy to learn and accessible for kids.

What are Multiball Systems?

Applications for any Age and Skill Level

We believe these systems can value add educational experiences for students. Adapting to new generations, incorporating today's intuitive behaviors  to combine fun exercise with learning.

• Multiball educational games are designed to combine physical activity and learning to develop skills in maths, geography and more.

• There are a variety of sports games that provide a highly engaging and attractive experience to make people move.

• Entertaining games are suitable for all ages and skill levels to enjoy sports fun to foster positive activity.

Physical Fitness

Most of the games have moving targets, a fast-pace gameplay and audio as well as visual elements. And games like monster match just look adorable. Kids love it and the more it visual effects the games has the more they start to move.

Educational games are designed to combine physical activity and learning to develop skills in maths, geography and more.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills... Solve a math equation, find the perfect match in memory or remember where a specific country is located – all games require and develop cognitive skills. Combination, conclusion, concentration and even tactical skills.

Social Skills

Single player, one-by-one or team-against-team. Many modes are available. MultiBall will bring powerful experiences to help develop confidence, empathy, self esteem, interpersonal skills, and anxiety and stress reduction.

Multiball Gamification Applications

Getting Started

Wallers can build your system and assist with orientations and can help you incorporate Multiball systems and applications into your programming. Whether you're setting up Multiball in an educational or recreational setting, we can help you incorporate Multiball applications and physical activity, augmenting almost any setting. Contact us today.


Multiball systems are built to last and designed to operate 24/7. Stainless steel framing and industrial grade parts and components. Requires minimal maintenance. We ensure your Multiball system is set and running, ready for you to begin running programming almost immediately.

Sizes and Set-ups

Contact Us

We encourage you to learn more about Multiball Systems and how they can increase physical activity through educational gaming and training. Talk with us and learn how we can provide full service Multiball installations and orientations. 

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Fitness Meets Educational Learning

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