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  • Freddy Ramirez

Sudsy, Elli And Me

If I step back and look at these three faces I see three people who have obsessed with racquetball, a lot. If I read further into it, I realize, up front in my thinking, that there really are a slew of people who obsess with racquetball in one way or another. Each with their own personal perspective.

We often speak about the limits in racquetball, not enough courts, not enough money, not enough events, etc. That talk always appears when discussing growth, at least that is my experience. And to a person, everyone that engages in that slant is wholly limited to what they see and know as fact. Some know more about the specific details of some aspect of the sport than others. Perspective.

When I receive DM's, I'm happy to engage them. Especially from people who I consider regular or occasional correspondences, because I have more of a sense of where their knowledge of the topics at hand run deepest. Those correspondences are super important to me, because the direction of the conversations are mostly in areas where they have more insight than I do. (Likewise, I may know some things or details they may not.) Which means I'll hear the areas of push-back any of my ideas or thoughts may trigger. This almost always alters my thinking on something at least a little. Sort of like a slight adjusting in my position, as I hold on to my ideas as still-viable in thinking. And I like to think that is a two way street. I can always tell when it isn't. Those manifests themselves into mostly one-off conversations.

Almost two hours is a long time to just listen to three guys talking. I get that. I'll admit to not being able to do something like that all the time with this type of format. So, I'll quickly skip through the videos at times to try and hear something of immediate interest to me. Because like most of you, I may not be able (or willing) to give up two hours on Sunday night hoping to hear what someone has to say about something I want to hear about. Or even care about. That's me saying, these aren't for everyone.

Yet. I do like that we touched on some important topics, most of which can be discussed further in the way of details. Opinions and ideas being discussed openly like this, can trigger dialogue with the slew of people who obsess with racquetball in one way or another. Understanding fully that within this group, there are still people who won't sit and listen to this conversation for two hours. (Most will honestly listen in parts, and only as their time on social will dictate.)

So I invite anyone who hasn't found time, hesitated to listen or refused to watch to at least know what we covered.

I want to be fully accountable for what I say and because I appreciate your time...

Time-stamps (approx.)

(Direct, individual links that will open up to that specific time within the video...

or you can just watch and scroll the video below.)

What we talked about on this particular Sunday night:

Why Did USA Racquetball Purchase WOR?

• • I speculate on the possible "WHYs" on the purchase of WOR by USA Racquetball.

• Opinion on specific missed opportunities and give examples of possible measures that could have been taken with WOR / Outdoor racquetball.

Would Outdoor players move to trying/playing indoors?

• A long winded "absolutely" with personal examples.

• I go back to speculating on the possible reasoning behind USA Racquetball purchasing WOR.

• I give specific (speculative) "WHYs" and how they are being missed, based on my experience with WOR since its foundation.

• Should USA Racquetball be interested in inner city kids and discovering racquetball?

• Thoughts on a new business plan as an alternate future building instead of trying to maintain.

• Why WOR being marginalized by USA Racquetball feels personal to me.

• "Opinions are like assholes..."

• What USA Racquetball should specifically do in 2021.

Accountability. Who? How?

Why I Do This.

Comparing The Two Tours

• What is possible now... that is missing.

• The need for NEW focus. Specifics.

Which Tour Does It Better?

What Players / Personalities Need To Be Doing

• Differences in generations.

• Possible professional business building.

Specific Talk About Youth Engagement and Demographics

My thoughts on what USA Racquetball should look like structurally as a non-profit... "I'm curious, have you tried to be on the USA Racquetball board Freddy?"

Do we need to have more mixed doubles in the pros now... do I think it's important?

What I heard Sudsy and Cliff Swain talking about after watching Kane and Rocky wait together during their intros at a US Open final. Which turns our discussion towards the generational differences in players the last two decades.

Talking about... a slew of people who obsess with racquetball in one way or another.


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