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  • Freddy Ramirez

How Do You Keep A Niche Sport Active in NYC? It's As Simple As Consistency On Youtube.

Sometimes, something as simple as consistency can keep things together. Case in point. David Blatt is a One Wall paddleball player from New York. He plays often and competes regularly in tournaments whenever possible. He's also very active in throwing his own crazy styled events. What separates Blatt from most players isn't only his skill level, but is his consistency with his YouTube hobby. He records and uploads every single time he plays.

Blatt has been doing this for years religiously. At events he'll record and upload every chance he gets, even if he isn't playing. Whether it's paddleball or One Wall racquetball he is a never fail type of guy in this regard.

What I find interesting, besides the almost obsessive compulsive way he engages in this is what it does for the community in which he is a part of. His videos almost serve as a record for what has been going on in this niche group. When you go through his uploads, you see a chronological series of videos that provides this niche with a place to see what's going on. And to see itself. I include myself in this statement... I'll stay engaged for long periods of time, especially watching myself. (Isn't that the secret to group aggregation? Seeing one's self?)

Similarly there is John Lombardi's YouTube channel. He's a guy who instead records paddleball games in one particular park in Queens. But consistently. And as I know many of the players he features on his videos, I find it very appealing in that "every man" sort of way.

In a sense, it brings the group together making Juniper Park, already a popular spot for paddleball, even more of an attraction to players looking to get games in.

Handball on the other hand is all about going live on Facebook. Seriously, it's a thing in a niche where trash talking and park games all end in dollars exchanging hands. You'll even see bets being made in the comment section.

The Ten's Finest YouTube channel is curated by a guy I know named Phil. In a conversation I had with him, he explained to me that everything he posts exclusively comes from his iPhone. Again, consistency here being the key. What makes him different than say David Blatt is that Phil not only records games, he edits them, often with footage from another friend's iPhone for "Replays", and adds words and graphics all with his iPhone. Phil doesn't even own a computer.

To me, the idea that now, this is all being done with his iPhone is the most fascinating part. And he's not alone. There are numerous "handball' channels out there that do the same thing, though I find Ten's Finest the most consistent I've seen.

I think the takeaway from this is figuring out how consistency can work for you in your sport.


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