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  • Freddy Ramirez

Almost 9 Years Ago

Nine years ago, I was having thoughts of having a place that would pull the sport together. The name Restrung was a part of that deliberate thought. The same way you resting a racquet, and then you use that racquet to grow your game, it opened it up, at least in my mind, to all racquet sports. This was the first thing ever created for Restrungmag.

For a few years, it felt like everyone was, in some way or another, coming together in real-life.

In today's hyper-local environment, it's not one place, but many places. One you. Never before can you be as exposed to so many things and be isolated in that exposure at the same time. You can participate in the same things and same groups you always have. That is the very thing that isolates you. They have gotten so good at keeping engaged at what you do, you spend more time within your group, sharing what you do with each other. Why would you go do something new? With new people?

Knowing this, I'm not sure where I want to take all I do as of late. Yet, I know, things have a way of working themselves out. Things will be, what they will be.

Our groups have actually become smaller in real life... just as small as they have become big on social.

Be aware that all that you know on social is actively keeping you from spending your time on you. Unless you actively go out and try something new. If you continue to see people cross-training, go do it yourself or stop paying attention. Unless you want to keep watching your feed like you're watching a tv show. That random video that takes two minutes of your time when you wake in the morning during breakfast, or the ride to work or between real-life things actually keep you from real-life things.

Decide to go do something. Put your phone down. You still have to be bold to do that. That won't change.

You can download the original PDF HERE.


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