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  • Freddy Ramirez

Worked And Over Worked

This past weekend's World Racquetball Tour's Juarez Open saw Alex Landa taking another WRT title. (Yes, we liked him in the last entry.) This is a guy who would unsettle top rankings in either tour if he played full time. He got by Jake Brendenbeck pretty solidly in the final, for whatever reason. The WRT's always even draw works against and sometimes for players. Polo losing early may have opened the door a bit wider for Landa... but we like him there anyway.

The draw proved a bit long winded for Alvaro Beltran. Playing Brendenbeck five games in, with two to go left Alvaro light on the gas when Jake put his foot down on the gas. (Driving analogies... only a some a few will get these.) Say what you want, these type of fields (big) can often settle things in people's minds.

I'm wondering where things will go next season. Please, let's see some fireworks and some creative thinking.

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