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  • Freddy Ramirez

Paola Longoria: Setting A Mental Toughness Standard On The LPRT

There is a reason racquetball fans come to expect Paola Longoria to win at each pro stop. Yea, she's really really good. That's only a part of it. After all the training and practice is done, it ultimately comes down to the confidence you have in being able to execute, over and over again.

Not that she isn't being tested. She is. Players have gained victories over her in recent months. Yet, with that, she seems to have bounced back with a standard of play that is all about being mentally tough and making that toughness last. There are players that definitely have the skill to push her, but if you look at how she reacts in her game when she being pushed, you'll see a trend. And she asks the question, when you push me, how long can you keep pushing me?... while I execute.

A match can be short or it can be long, that's up to you. When during that match do you decide, it's going to be a long one?

It's like climbing a mountain, where, every time you think you're right at the top, you realize you have a long way to go. When do you decide you're going to keep climbing?

The Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour streams their matches on Livestream and was a good choice in some ways. I really like how going straight to the event link, you can access the archived matches without having to click through multiple pages of archives and can just scroll and remain on that page. Easy access. Go see what I mean about Paola.

You can also view the scores of the last event's draw.

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