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Beach Bash: Outdoor Racquetball Growing Up

Beach Bash 2015

This year's Beach Bash presented by Splathead seemed to be a transitional year. Typically known as one of the "funnest" events in the sport, it solidly held that moniker again this year. Being right on the beautiful Hollywood Beach boardwalk is always a great start to a fun time... racquetball, sun and beach, tacos and great drinks, etc. Though over the last couple of years, because the venue plays only on One Wall courts, when it came to actual competitive playing, there traditionally has been a need to sort out rules on a conintual basis throught the event. When it comes to rules and styles of play, players leaving their comfort zone can sometimes bring to the surface all types of characters. But this year things seem to have gotten past the big wave of discontent into a better place of understanding the need to adjust One Wall rules for the greater good of the sport. So, in that sense, this was a big year.

Beach Bash 2015

Photo courtesy Joe Hall / Splathead

Not that there weren't some players who struggled with the rules, that pretty much happened across the board, but this year, there was an ease in the discontent that has sometimes attempted to disrupt the flow of the fun. Of course, there were some players who came to Hollywood Beach with a strut and a sense of entitlement that would give rise to what their true character was all about, but those guys generally disappeared from the venue after not making it through pool play. That's alright too. Either you buy in and have fun or you don't. The rest of us will enjoy ourselves either way.

Beach Bash 2015 - Love these ladies...

Photo courtesy Belinda Dettman... yea, had to drop this one in.

Kuddos to Vic Leibofsky and his whole crew, all of them. They worked tirelessly throughout the weekend. These types of people are rare yet can be found throughout our sport, working hard to create events for players - the ones that get it. And there are a lot of us.

- You can find Mr. Leibofsky's comments on the event overall here.

- Top photo also courtesy of Belinda Dettman, you can see more of her photos here.

- Joe Hall / Splathead photos here.

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