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  • Freddy Ramirez

The World's #1 Female Squash Player, 106 Months And A Profile.

Professional squash player Nicol David has been holding the Women's Squash Associations World Number 1 spot for 106 months. It's an incredible accomplishment because pro squash at that level is grueling and as things stand, she is in position to continue to hold that position. David is a superstar in the world of squash and has become an icon for the sport. She is loved all over the planet presents a strong role model for you women athletes everywhere.

To give you an idea of how grueling squash can be check out the video below. Factor in that Nicol David has been holding her court for as long as she has and you can get an idea of just how impressive her run continues to be.

This profile of David in Squash Magazine is a very detailed account of her experience getting to where she is. Her work ethic, her support system...

Oh, and they list other professional athletes that have remained in the #1 position for an extended number of of months. Great athletes like, Joe Lewis, Tiger Woods, Steffi Graf and Kane Waselenchuk. (Though, we are not quite sure the numbers contributed to Kane are correct.)

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