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  • Freddy Ramirez

What Should Be Looked At This Weekend?

This weekend sees the 3 pro tours hitting 3 spots in the US. The International Racquetball Tour hits South Dakota, The World Racquetball Tour is busy in San Diego and the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour makes it's first 2015 appearance in Ohio.

Looking at the draw and what first comes to mind is Alex Landa is in this IRT draw. Next thing is, he plays into Kane in the quarters. Why does this stand out so much? Well, Landa can only travel a handful of times a season to IRT stops. Knowing he can make waves on that tour, and then not being able to access the De La Rosas and Rojases in those rounds doesn't do much for his return of resources. So, how long does he decide to choose the IRT as his run towards a profession in racquetball? My thought that is, it would make things much more interesting, and viable, if he could have more opportunity to run into the meat of things to come than running into Kane so early. And I'll note, that after seeing Jose and Daniel last week, it may be better to let those two settle into playing more of the field a bit before they met. I know draws are draws but something seems amiss here. And looking at the number of players in the draw, I don't know if nothing could be done, or if this would be a good time to just decide what would kind of draw would be of more value for the tour?

The WRT draw is 41 players deep and has a couple of noticable things happening. Recently tour retired Chris Crowther is in the draw, and as noted on The Racquetball Blog, he'll have to work through the deepest parts of the draw to find cash here. Interesting. And something else that well worth noting. A good contingent of young international talent as well as some notable Open players making the trip to San Diego for this event. That it's happening at the Sorrento Valley spot, it's gonna be a raucous weekend there for sure.

With the women pros... Maria won the last stop. Paola wasn't there. But she has one under her belt. Will it make a difference this weekend? Will there be any waves in the draw this weekend?

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