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  • Freddy Ramirez

Momentum Is Everything

Momentum Is Everything
The Paola Longoria Invitational starts today, the biggest pursed event for the Ladies Professional Raquetball Tour. It's the second year running for this namesake event. This really is a showcase and there could be big drama or it could end up to be the event where there is a settling back into the norm for the fight for supremacy.

Most of us are well aware that Rhonda Radsich had broken Longoria's crazy win streak in Stockton, then a week later, taken a match from Paola during a smaller exhibition type event. Since then, Rhonda has lost to Jessica Parrilla in a small draw in Mexico. Maybe somewhat cooling her momentum.

This is a really big event though. Played out in Mexico. Big players do big things. And although Longoria may not have won her last two matches, her momentum (as well as her confidence) is going strong. The news and talk show curcuits as well as the accolades keep happening. She just received "El Premio Nacional Al Merito Deportivo", which as far as we can translate, is Mexico's highest sports honor, presented to her by Mexico's president Enrique Pena Nieto. With respects to Mexico riding high on her status as the world's number one women's racquetball player, Longoria's momentum hasn't slowed one bit. The small detail about her losing her last big match only serves to make this tournament that much more enticing to want to watch.

There will be some really good match ups on the womens side though. Just about every notable LPRT player will be there. and now one will "walk" through. The show court however, will only be touched by Longoria and her opponent on it's first day...the rounds of 16. Only during the quarters will the LPRT drama begin to play out.

There will also be a men's draw and as far as i can tell, the biggest name there will be Alex Landa, though I can't find a place where those result will be easily accessible. (Again, This sport is SO reliant on Facebook. It just keeps giving away any hope of being able to capitalize on it's own media.)

Let's see how this plays out. This is a big opportunity for a big win for the ladies. Either way, Longoria will still win.

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