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  • Freddy Ramirez

Kane's World

Sunday at the US Open is always a blur. Finals excitement, then the quick goodbyes and everyone leaves. Just like that. The court even starts to breakdon before all the post match photo ops are through. It's crazy how effecient the court crew is. It's about an hour after the last photo and the glass is already on it's way out.

Court Breakdown

It was Kane's day. He even got the Canadian National Anthem played in honor of his 10th Title. (It was a bit like a "wha?") His usual extraordinary play pushed him past a game Alvaro. 10. Crazy number. He's won more chips here than everyone else combined. The US Open has been running 19 years and this guy is thinking... 11, 12, etc. It's his world right now.

And Paola... yep. 5 championships now. Taking this one convincingly over a determined Maria and being followed around by two guys from ESPN Deportes.

Lot's of story lines. Not sure if I'll get through them all a bit down the road, but I'm sure I'll be referencing some of the things that went down. Like that doubles match between Kane and Ben vs. Rocky and Alvaro. Lot's of attitude and court vibe in that one. I have to get to that for sure. (Oh, and Kane gets 2 titles this year. 10 and "The First Ever"... (Ben gets that latter one too.

You can get match recaps on the The Racquetball Blog.

And another "Oh". Kane went with the commemorative caps

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