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  • Freddy Ramirez

From The Open: Why This Match Matters

There is a ton of topics that can be talked about here, the biggest racquetball event of the year. But right now, looking at the pro tours, some develpments stand out.

The Rojas brothers both go out in the 16's. Markie loses decisively to Ben Croft, who must feel he set things right frome there last meeting. So, right now, the developing rivalry I mentioned a few days ago is settled for this event.

From The Open

Part of that settlement has to do with Jose Rojas having to DNF against Alex Landa. Just that DNF, though significant, doesn't take away from how Alex Landa played. He had momnetum and looked in a strong position mentally, despite dropping the game before. Unfortunately, Jose began severely cramping up, which started deep into the fourth game. There was a ton of pressure for both players, and Jose's dynamics around him didn't seem adjusted. No one from the Stockton camp was around him because there were other matches going on. Cliff Swain was close by in a show of support but it didn't look like there was coaching going on other than helping with fluids. I could feel the disappointment there, on a few levels.

From The Open

Outside of this, there wheren't any other development associated with WRT players or any other game shifting going on in the ranks. Landa faces De La Rosa for a chance to meet Kane in the semi..which is about to start just as this is being written. Waselenchuk will be meeting Tony Carson, who easily cruised through Coby Iwaasa and had to fight hard to get past Jansen Allen.

As far as the LPRT goes, Rhonda Rajsich is the only remaining American going into the Quarters.

Doubles... interesting so far to say the least. I'll get to that.

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