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  • Freddy Ramirez

From The Open: Wednesday Fun Day - Thursday Work Day

Wednesday at the United States Open of Racquetball is a day you can feel player anticipation. They are all together and connecting. Early qualifying rounds and smiles. For most that is. But everyone is where they want to be racquetball wise. And you can feel it in the air.

US Open

Players line up in what is probably the most relaxed mood going into serious play. A recognition ceremony and a St Jude Pro Am mixer have players and fans together talking and smiling. As some players wait for pro doubles to begin, if they are not still playing, also have their mind on start times for tomorrow. And some are thinking about what went wrong in early qualifying.

Thursday: Its quite different in sound. Just making your way through the back courts, you can hear the difference of the sounds players make engaging with referees. It serious time...

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