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  • Freddy Ramirez

What to Expect From The Next Few Days

What can you expect going into this year's United Healthcare United States Open in Minneapolis?

Answers 1.

The big beautiful glass court. We don't see it nearly as much as it's importance to "big" racquetball.

Something dramatic from Kane Wasalenchuk. Either he wins his 10th title or he doesn't. Either way you get something great. He wins you get BIG racquetball history. If he doesn't, you get stunned.

US Open - Paola

Paola Longoria will show up bigger this year. Every year she brings more and more cache. Last year she was blowing up the Mexican press with big magazine spreads like this and a naming on Forbes Most Powerful Women in Mexico list. This past year, articles, TV talk show appearances have been common place. Awards and ceremonial namings have take place. And shes moved up 9 spots on that Forbes list. I image there will be cameras and video/news people just for her. As I mentioned before, I also expect theme music following her around everywhere she goes.

Answer 2.


Big names. Names not so big yet. 710 listed participants showing up. 113 divisions. Professional IRT and LPRT Doubles. Many story lines to follow. Young pro players hungry and playing into the biggest and most pressure filled event of the year. And questions. I could go into a breakdown of all the people and dynamics that could be of note, but that would just be a ton of speculation.

No doubt there will be a huge amount of social stuff being posted from Minneapolis. Mostly the regular outlets.

Some stuff to read, if you haven't seen some of this already:

We will be courtside. It's one of those events that comes and goes in a heartbeat. Continuous engament. Photos. Videos. Catching up. Conversation. Taking in the players in racquetball. How they move. On and off the court. There is a lot to see. Stuff we know to look out for. And the more interestingly, the stuff we don't.

We will be here. And maybe putting up some personality driven spots on Instagram.

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