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  • Freddy Ramirez

Season Start, Let's Watch

Season Start, Let's Watch

Tuning into the IRT Network on the first Friday of the International Racquetball Tour's season premiere immediately went into some interesting match ups... Markie Rojas playing Ben Croft and Jansen Allen playing Tony Carson on the secondary court. As I just opened it up, the talk was revolving around how the seeding chart was set for some serious changes this season. The younger guard is set to take control of the rankings. My guess is that the guard that these players represent will be finding their way on to the show court more and more this season. That will make things seriously watchable.

The Ladies are playing in Mexico this weekend. Let's see.

Again, for this season, it's all about what is available to see and how. For a relatively small number of diehard fans, the time put into watching professional racquetball is worth the friction that is typical when getting to watch professional racquetball. To enjoy it, you have to be comprehensively knowledgable of what is going on in the sport. I say that, because what is consistent, is the inconsistency of whether we know we will be able to see what we want to see. For most outside of the this diehard group, the friction just isn't worth the time.

I'd like to more of these types of videos made easily available from broadcasters.

The why this type of video posted on Youtube is really good. (And why it's bad.) It's good because it makes it easy for fans to see matches at their leisure. And easily. It creates reach and access for fans and potential fans. But unedited, it still is hard for potential fans to follow. Key points and time between rallies cut out make it more comprehensible, and more efficient with time. (I'm not addressing production value here...just access and reach.) By example, Squash does this type of match access well on Youtube. Driving interest.

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