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  • Freddy Ramirez

Off Time Or Development Time?

This time of year, things, are for some all about Outdoor. Indoor play and events are still happening and while players in general are still keeping busy, I often wonder what some young pros are doing to move forward in their professional careers. Are some just working a couple of times a week on their indoor game? If they are playing Outdoors, are they seeing it as an extension to what they do as a professional, a way to facilitate making a living, or is it just a fun time to play, that doesn't quite mean as much?

I also think about some of those players, (outside of the Paolas and Crofts,) who play most professional stops, yet, are tied up with real world jobs or school. How are they utilizing this time of season? Where are their stories found?

Is it goal driven time of year? If so, what are those goals?


Long term.

Are they mutually inclusive.

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