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  • Freddy Ramirez

What World Cup?

I'm still surprised by how crazy World Cup play makes people. I guess for 2 weeks everyone in the world is a soccer fan. And I'll admit, it can get contagious if I look that way.

As far as racquetball goes, the US Team is digging in at the 2014 World Games in Burlington, Canada. As is the trend, the US isn't finding the early rounds easy at all because international competition is so strong and only looks to be getting stronger. This is fantastic for the sport in my opinion.

If you're not keeping up with things or getting social stuff from players, you can catch up with how things are swinging on The Racquetball Blog and follow the US team's experience on Sheryl Kirk's Blog on the USA Racquetball site.

What World Cup?

Outside of this, the Outdoor season should be swinging so players are out there. With more people playing, and there really is a large number of players hitting the courts, you would think the World Outdoor Racquetball would be pumping info, promos and recaps out the door. It's a big boat, and it's being missed. The WOR Championships is right around the corner and it feels like radio silence from here. Do we even care?

I know the Gearbox Bus is engaged in it's early summer tour hitting Florida, my guess is they will swing back west to make Chips.

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