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  • Freddy Ramirez

Hero vs. Anti-Hero

After reading The Racquetball Blog's breakdown of the Portland semifinal between Rocky Carson and Ben Croft, I was curious to see the first game. (Archived on the IRTNetwork.)

I won't comment on what I saw other than say it was both entertaining and disdaining. I think the game speaks for itself.

I will comment on how this type of stuff doesn't follow Rocky off the court as it does Ben, by way of questions.

Is it because Rocky has been playing so long and is respected as a Hall of Fame bound player, who seems really cool off the court?

So, what is Ben? What's happening there?

Who was intense?

Who was entitled?

I still think intense drama on the court is fun to watch. I also think watching entitlement driven behavior gets old. The last two questions could be asked of the season, not just this match. And not just these two players.

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