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  • Freddy Ramirez

What Time Of Year Is It Now?


With two more Tier 1 events left in the season, both Kane and Paola have already secured the year ending #1 spots. These two are rolling with what they have set their minds to do. Both continue to make racquetball history. But aside from some rankings jostling below them, their racquetball seasons feel finished already.

Both tours are opted out of the USA Racquetball National Singles. So there is very little excitement left in this season from here. Just one more event to catch the top players on the court.

USA Racquetball held it's annual leadership conference last week. Although I'm pretty sure they worked hard for a positive tone, they are dealing with some real issues. On their own, USA Racquetball's biggest events become just a big tournament where players from other states play against each other. Indeed, it holds tons of meaning for the players, who are members. But with no other way to turn heads in their direction, it's just a club. Their reach is something that they have to figuring out. And quick.

Let's see what, if anything bangs this upcoming weekend. It feel like it's time to get some sun.

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