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  • Freddy Ramirez

"What" Racquetball

When I popped the DVD in to take a quick look, the first thing it showed is a close up of my friend Ruben Gonzalez looking into the court from the right. It then pans into the court. I've seen these "vintage" matches on YouTube, but it felt different right from the get. It felt personal.

"What" Racquetball

The two guys on the court, I know personally. But not back then. Back then, I didn't even know what real racquetball looked like. (Surprisingly, that problem still broadly exists today...) This DVD may or may not be today's racquetball, but it's real to me.

Real racquetball. I'm not talking about the match itself. I'm talking about real in the sense of connections. We make connections when we put the time in. Sometimes, even the smallest of encounters can point to big connections, which can be a blessing.

Sometimes, from out of nowhere.

And from someone who's been doing, what you think you've been doing, long before you ever even knew, "the what", of what you've been doing.


Not me. I'm looking forward to sitting down and watching this thing from beginning to end... I don't know who won.

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