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  • Freddy Ramirez

Looking Overseas For Action

The IRF's Cheryl Kirk writes a daily blog following the US delegation at international events. A scaled down US team is participating in the XXVII Pan American Championships. Cheryl's writing is fun and insightful, and you get a sense of a broad range of things. I was particularly interested in her comments about symptoms of spotty WiFi. (Different than the Pan Am Games and World Championships...which run every 4 and 2 years respectively... I think. It's hard to find easy to get to descriptions and info. This thread from a Facebook Page photo began to iron things out for me...)

Between her blog, The Racquetball Blog breaking down results and the occasional social feed photo, I feel up to date, if not completely connected from here. The International Racquetball Federation's site indeed has a lot of info, but it doesn't work for what keeps me engaged. They entered into an agreement with the IRT Network and will stream the semifinals of the elimination rounds. Prior to this, they typically stuck a camera on two courts and just turned it on. Random action, but they had it running throughout.

Aside from this, my engagement is relying on my own sticks this week.

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