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  • Freddy Ramirez

It's A Stretch To Call This Progress

I feel like asking, "What's going on?" Because when I look around, I don't have enough to look at for this time of year. It's supposed to be the home stretch for the season and it feels like just that, a stretch.

What did I miss?

Upfront I see the LPRT. They're busy. 5 T1s between March and May. And wait, the LPRT Pro Nationals in Virginia? A week before the USA Racquetball Nationals? Is the LPRT running strong and sustainable? Or are they spread thin? From here, they have me looking their way. A good sign, maybe.

Or is it, that, there is nothing else substantial to look at as a fan?

Only 3 T1s for the IRT between March and May? And there is no "Pro Nationals" on their schedule as of today. Hhmmm. Sadly, I have to wait until May to see the best racquetball available.

USA Regional qualifiers are happening, but if you can buy in with a low cost waiver, it's just state bragging rights and a lower number on the draws you are qualifying for... no? And there will be no affiliated Pro draws at Nationals and again, no glass court.

Two things here for this state of being. USA Racquetball and the pro tours should just act accordingly. BE completely separate. Qualifying for the USA teams should be just that. And by the book transparent. Right now, their only strength is at the local, state level. I think. As a player, it feels old. (No, I'm still not a member. Why is that? I pick up a racquet more than the average "enthusiast". We have indoor courts in NYC... I know, I use some of them.)

An old model. If the sport can only create an experience locally, this is what we will have today.

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