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  • Freddy Ramirez

Operating Outside.

Right now, she is her own driving force. I suggested in the last entry that the number of players able to do racquetball full-time is probably the most important number indicating the sport's strength in popularity. Paola, on the other hand is in unchartered territory for a modern professional racquetball player.

She's making major Mexican news at her every stop. They are keeping count: 31 titulos consecutivos, 124 partidos sin perder desde mayo de 2011, 41 titulos en total en el LPRT.

She's making it happen herself. And she's running with it. Water, cars, etc... sponsors want her. Politicians pay attention to where she is. And they care what she thinks of other Mexican sports.

LPRT note. Start talking up the younger players chasing her. Talk louder.

I see instructional advice, equipment reviews and some social stuff in my feeds. None of it is really getting outside our circles.

Outside of our sport, right now, it's only her.

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