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  • Freddy Ramirez

Rhonda Lean

The Ladies Professional Tour hits the University of Miami this weekend. For a breakdown of the action, check The Racquetball Blog and catch the action on the LPRT Network.

What I'm thinking of right now as I look at the LPRT this week, is my time with Rhonda Rajsich this past week at Beach Bash. We've been tight for a couple of years now. Living on separate coasts though, doesn't allow for a ton of quality time. Sitting on the boardwalk, eating great tacos and taking in the views together was definitely a rare blessing. Beyond the head nods and laughing and the cold beer we got some serious catch up time.

Rhonda has been at it for about 15 years. Playing professional racquetball. She had a choice between pro basketball and racquetball. And looking back, I'm sure she wonders, at times, whether she made the right choice. And I know those thoughts have crept up when she's grinding with travel and logistics. Playing full time is a total labor of love.

Full time players like Rhonda are very rare. The way things are with the tours, there is only enough in sustainability for a small number of professionals that can actually make a living playing racquetball. There is plenty of talent out there. And though there are more players that are making more pro stops this season, I can only hope that things are getting easier for players to start considering professional racquetball and choosing this sport as their main profession. Beyond any numbers anyone can point to, this is the real sign of strength for the sport.

Which way are we leaning?

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