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  • Freddy Ramirez

Indignity and Privilege

"...despite the fact that when explaining what squash is to an American who doesn’t know, we often resort to the indignity of stating that it is ‘like racquetball". - James Winstrop, Professional Squash Association #1 ranked player.

Let that statement hang there a bit.

When I read these, it was my turn to cringe. My mind was swirling with thoughts about the privilege and access issues. (I inevitably rabbit-trailed with the thought of just how very privileged some top tier educational institutions are to have access to students produced by groups like StreetSquash. It made me feel better.)

I'll point out that here in the states, though Squash is enjoying the privilege of many more high profile events than racquetball, there are easily 5 times as many core racquetball players than core squash players. I'll also point out racquetball is a game originated here in the states.

I would remind Mr. Willstrop that he is enjoying the privilege of being in situations that allow him the opportunity to explain what squash is to Americans.

Oh, and before he dives into exclusive clubs rarely seeming uninviting to us, that he check with Ramy first.

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