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  • Freddy Ramirez

Basic Social Stuff

Players in racquetball have been engaging in social media and it's always good for this stuff. For most though, they haven't really been able to break past just growing their personal network. The closest sport to racquetball, Squash has more going on in this area. But the numbers are just above proportionate to popularity. Personal posts boost engagement, but only if it's consistent and conscious of what you're saying. Meaningless posts create a pass-over feel that dilutes the meaningful stuff that works for the player, the fan and the brands.

More meaningful stuff...

Post about what's going on at events you're playing. Talk about the courts. Talk about the people you're face to face with. Talk about your opinions about other player's matches. (No more food pics if it's not part of a comprehensive engagement about working out and staying healthy and fit. And MUCH more of the latter in if you're engaging in this.) These are very basic suggestions, but it will make a marked improvement of what followers will expect from your posts. Build this stuff up before you tell me anything about what racquet you're using...we may already know, because I'll pass over this stuff too. It just feels kitschy. There is a difference between just normal social stuff and being professionally conscious of you're own personal brand.

Paola is still doing her talk show circuit thing and continuously rolling her marketing pull in Mexico. Another interesting piece of info, her Squash counterpart, Nicol David, just took part in something called Hollywood Immersive. If this stuff was a marathon, these two would be miles ahead.

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