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  • Freddy Ramirez

Results. Airports. And Needing To Process.

I'm sitting in San Antonio Airport, just about to board my flight. The Gearbox bus dropped me off and just like that, I'm back to my life. It feels like it's been a crazy week. I took in a ton of info, met a ton of people and got a real taste of what those guys are doing for the sport. I admit, I still have to process and put things in perspective, but there is so much upside all around, I'm pretty sure where I will land with my thoughts.

I know I feel pretty inspired. I've talked a ton about wanting more content that is reflective of a racquetball that is quick, exciting, engaging and current. I saw on this trip, we'll see some of that soon. Wherever it comes from. (I had fun getting in it... doing it... helping to create it, being a part of it and being trusted on a crazy level. Some talented and driven people there. Much gratitude to the Gearbox crew.)

Mexican racquetball is the same. Yet, really different. And the press thing, with Paola seems a bit surreal when I think of it in context of other players. She's definitely working it.

As far as the young talent I got to see and play with this week, it's all upside. Right now... looking forward to getting home. I have some photos I owe some people. I've been anxious to get them out. I'm also looking forward to some interesting conversations over the next few months. I have faith in people. I have faith in the sport. That's just me.

Oh, and results. The Mexican's won.

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