• Freddy Ramirez

Last Matches. Then The Wrap Up.

Saturday was filled with tons of match play and scrambling to get things rolling online. I stated before, you have to really like doing this and putting all the pieces together, technically isn't always easy. Lot's of variables. And the actual broadcasting isn't a just get on camera or get on the mic thing. (But you can just get in there and do it... ) It's something that has to be developed, and for sure, some are better than others.

I found this out the hard way. Actually speaking during matches requires the ability to clearly communicate your thoughts right at that moment, and you have to have them. You have to be knowledgeable about players and the game. Yet, as novice as I know I am, it's fun. It's not quite my thing, (especially when I'm put on the spot right then :), but I have a new respect to add to what I already have for those who I consider really good at it.

The big attention didn't go to the WRT touring players, though there was early interest. With Gilberto Mejia and Bobby Horn, there was a crowd to see what a second meeting between these two would produce. Mejia went into the match on a mission, and although Bobby nowhere near executing as he is capable, kept it close. Polo Gutierrez pulled out early due to illness. Anthony Herrera wasn't focused against Javier Moreno who himself was soundly beaten by Mexico's Alex Cardona. (That kid hit the ball a ton.) In doubles, Herrera and Horn should face the Mexican team of Gilberto Mejia and Javier Moreno if (when?) Gil and Jav get by Paola and Christian Longoria.

The big local attention goes to both Paola Longoria and Samantha Salas, who will be playing each in today's first match. Mexican TV set up and broadcasted Samantha's match and again, Paola was followed by her own press. The crowd here in Monterrey is surprisingly subdued, no where near as rowdy as the Matamoros. But since they are playing today and Salas being from Monterrey, there should be some early match noise. You can catch the feed on the WRT website or the Gearbox site.

Overall, it's a fun venue. The Casa de Racquetas is an open venue with other fun sports to hit around between racquetball matches. Table Tennis and squash, both were dabbled in. And there is a huge Fronton court in the back... I'll pass on that this time.

Right after the broadcast is down, we'll be breaking down and heading to the border. We'll try to make it before it get's too dark. I'm anxious to get home, but I'll definitely be leaving something here. Mexican racquetball definitely has it's own flavor.

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