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  • Freddy Ramirez

And... Rolling.

More set ups. It really is a grind to take on this type of endeavor. Always something to handle. I'm starting to get just how cohesive this group is. It kind of has to be, in order to be able to sustain momentum. They instinctively know what (and who,) works in the group and what doesn't. And last night was the first night that the core group of guys got to go to bed at the same time. Until now, everyone's day was staggered in terms of how the days went. There was a lot of talk and laughing... stories and shared opinions. This kind of thing is definitely a part of being able to keep on the grind.

And... Rolling.

I managed to get to the courts and play for two hours. (Feeling good about it.) This is the first time I've actually consistently played while attending anything indoor... so, I'm getting a real feel of what it's like for this group, because everyone plays. And that's fundamentally what this is all about.

I had figured the press conference stuff was over with, but I was wrong. Paola Longoria showed up to practice on the courts. She arrived as most of the other top Mexican players were practice playing. She didn't hit the courts until after they left. She was waiting for her press to arrive. She brought her own. Then she practiced.

Tonight, match play starts. They won't be broadcasting until tomorrow.

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