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  • Freddy Ramirez

Slow Rolling

No doubt. It's a start up. And right now, it's mostly about the players. Today they got up, had breakfast and went to the courts. We're at Casa De Racquetas, in the CARE, an Olympic Training facility in Monterrey, Mexico. It's an impressive house for racquetball and squash.

The World Racquetball Tour is running a tour stop beginning Friday. All kinds of prep work and ironing out details with media. It seems like it will be making T.V. here for sure… though not quite sure how much yet, but it will be relatively substantial for racquetball. I'm finding it interesting to see how the ideas are bouncing around, along with a temperance of what is actually doable while trying to keep it edgy. People wearing many hats. And the players, they are doing their part administering clinics in 3 different locations, two of them offsite.

I'm basically just tagging along. I'm choosing to help out with some content work and just being around to support the players. In between, I find myself delving into those conversations with ideas bouncing around. And for me, I can't help but put what's happening here in the bigger context of everything else racquetball. My general feeling is, this could be good. For everyone in the sport. Right now it's a wait and see game. And I want to see more.

But they are definitely not waiting for anyone or anything here. They're in it. Hardly ever is there a time were there is nothing to do. Except for the players, they definitely have some times where they are waiting to get to the next thing. Whether they like that or not, I can't say. But I can say, they know a big part of it is about them, and other players who can get a chance to keep up with them on the court.

As for me, I actually got on the court for some doubles. I got there a little late, so I didn't get many games in…which was a bit frustrating. I haven't had hardly any court time…playing that is. And though I find myself trying to get the feel of it and bypass my outdoor instincts as I get my butt kicked, I know that can only come with significant court time. I need to start working that part out. Right now, I'm on Mexican time. With spotty and very limited internet at best and also,having to walk a quarter of a mile to get coffee in the morning... well it can get a little slow at times.

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