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  • Freddy Ramirez


The day started early on the courts. And for my part, I felt I overcame some initial hurdles and seem to be settling into a type of play that suits my game style, and managing to keep myself in those scenarios on the court. I can say I see a learning curve. I'm just starting to get things inside the court. It helps to be on the court with really good players. (This is the most indoor I've played ever, I have to work some things out when I get back to the States.)

After play it was basically set up day at the courts, equipment, banners, bleachers, etc. Work. The people that are committed to doing this type of thing have to be really motivated, to do it consistently. And here, it doesn't go unnoticed. A press conference was held here at Casa de Racquetas, in one of the small offices. There There were representatives of The Federacion Mexicana de Raquetbol, The Gearbox - WRT administrators and players. I counted 14 heads, members of the press. Complete with 3 TV cameras, and cameras high end to low end, voice recorders and good old pads and pens. That room got hot. Literally. I was sweating.

The message I heard coming from the Mexican representatives (in spanish of course,) was all about how racquetball in Mexico is world class and that they are all about working with the press to tell the world. That sort of thing. The message from the WRT was mostly about young players, and how they are striving to create a serious platform for really good juniors to transition to, if they want to take racquetball seriously. (I think I can add in my mind, without getting trounced in the top tier draws. Or development.) Positivity speak.

One of the players there was Samantha Salas. And even though I heard Paola's name mentioned a few time by the Federales, there was serious interest and questions directed towards Samantha. She spoke about why she was there. But what really got me was how she mostly was building up the other Mexican players. Some noted ones and juniors that no one really has heard of yet. Good for her. She earned points in my book. Pretty cool. And it was fun to be in the room.

Back to set ups after… until we get kicked out of the building.

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