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  • Freddy Ramirez

Monday Rolling

Things on my radar this Monday morning... Junior Worlds finished up and I got a moment to run through Cheryl Kirk's blog's on the USA Racquetball Facebook page. (I enjoy taking away the positives these events are filled with.) I also looked through the draw of the Izzi Racquetball Open, a Tier 3 International Racquetball Tour pro stop in Wyoming. (Seems like there was a couple of interesting upsets in the quarters.)

Another thing that caught my eye today. I know World Outdoor Racquetball has been working on getting an outdoor event in Cancun, Mexico. It will host both 3 Wall and One Wall formats. It's pretty cool, but it falls on the same weekend as the USA Racquetball National Doubles Championships. I just wish things like this could be worked out a bit better on all sides. There are players that are trying to play both formats... and having to make these types of choices frequently creates friction for different types of growth.

As far as being on the bus. It was a totally different experience for me this weekend. Having some downtime yesterday, we drove the bus right onto the beach in Matamoros. Completely cool. The waves were sick and the water was warm. Nice. Because I'm still working on New York City time... season wise.

The event was sort of a culture shock type of thing...though, events here in Mexico are fundamentally the same. Just a different flavor. We're making our way to Monterrey today. I'm hoping to be able to find some time to have time to check out the city some. I'm expecting a big noisy WRT event... charged with energy later this week. I'm personally hoping it's worth Paola's appearance fee. (Just saying that makes me smile and smh.)

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