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  • Freddy Ramirez

Working and Grass Roots

So journeying on a bus with a group is what you might think it is... it's fun. If you have a passion. Because, you can't fake it.

What the day looked like (After pulling off the road at just after 3am to catch some rest):

Awake at 8, breakfast and drive for an hour.(While letting some still sleep.) Stop to change the oil (Do it yourself.). Drive for another hour.

Working and Grass Roots

When we hit the border at Matamoros, Mexico, it was literally 2 hours getting through. Not because of a line, but a run through of everything on the bus and the trailer. It put us short on time, so the rest we had hoped for, which was a shower and meal had to wait. Jumping right off a grueling few hours, Rafael Filippini, CEO of Gearbox, jumps right into helping out with addressing the local crowd and reffing matches. Tough. I have to say. (And if you're on the bus regularly, it's because you are too.)

Working and Grass Roots

I expected a small first stop. And it is. But it's putting in the work for real. No easy way out with this. But I can see the pay off. You may have a vision and want growth... but in this sport, and from this place, the only way to do that now is to pay it forward. On all sides.

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