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  • Freddy Ramirez

On The Bus

Hopping on the Gearbox bus and beginning to get a feel for what these racquetball wayfarers do and sharing it from an up-close perspective is the type of blog I consider useful or interesting. I've had discussions with pro players about blogs, it's this type of angle I find intriguing as a diehard fan.

I'm actually excited at the thought of sharing some of what it actually is like traveling on the Gearbox bus. It's loaded of people right now. Sort of what I expected, and not. Remember that cheezy fun MTV Cribs styled video a couple of years back? I couldn't help but see that in my head as I got closer and closer to meeting the bus in Houston, Texas. It made me smile every time.

It's actually a far cry from that... it's a ton more intimate. And I've only been with the crew for few hours.

I will say, it's the coolest way to get picked up at the airport.

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