I grew up in the Lower East Side of New York City.

I have lived in Miami, Middlebury, VT and Easton, PA.

I live in Brooklyn now.

I'm a city guy at heart.

I like to rewatch movies and prefer calling some of them films.

I have an awesome wife and two just-about-grown kids.

I used to DJ, dance and rollerskate.

I still do two of those things on semi-rare occasions.

I carried my paddle around a lot as a kid.

I play One Wall racquetball, paddleball, Pop Tennis and Pickleball.

I write about the sports I engage in when I have something to say.

I took a ton of photos and some video for people.

I am a Hall of Fame inductee.

I will still play with anybody though.

That RestrungMag Guy is me. 

RestrungMag is my professional take on my sport.

But I'm more than that.

RestrungMag allows me to talk about pro players.

But I'm one too.

RestrungMag allows me to use my camera a lot.

But I point it at other things too.

RestrungMag allows me to express myself in this niche.

But I also see a big world.