I grew up in the Lower East Side of New York City.

I have lived in Miami, Middlebury, VT and Easton, PA.

I live in Brooklyn now.

I'm a city guy at heart.

I like to rewatch movies and prefer calling some of them films.

I have an awesome wife and two grown sons.

I used to DJ, dance and rollerskate.

I still do two of those things on occasion.

I carried my paddle around a lot as a kid.

I play outdoor racquetball, paddleball, pop tennis and squash.

I am a Hall of Fame inductee.

I will still play with anybody though.

That RestrungMag Guy is me. 

RestrungMag is my professional take on sports I spend my time around.

AND I play too.

RestrungMag allows me to talk about pro players.

But I'm one too.

RestrungMag allows me to use my camera a lot.

But I point it at other things too.

RestrungMag allows me to express myself in this niche.

But I also see a big world.

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