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Racquetball, whose inception began in the 1950's with a wood framed racquets and a newly created ball, is a uniquely American sport. With the change in production torwards aluminum, then to graphite, there was growth in the 1970's. By the 1980's, the sport was riding high on engagement with racquetball courts a common amenity within health clubs across the country. The 1980's,1990's and 2000's were dominated by American players as the sport was exported internationally for competition.

My engagement with racquetball began in the mid to late 2000's, as a result of traveling to play professional outdoor racquetball tournaments. At the time, outdoor racquetball was sporadically played in a small number of US States including California, Florida and New York. Outdoor racquetball encompasses many different sized courts and rules, so aggregation for continuity was slow, and adoption by mainstream racquetball groups grew slowly. As I travelled, I took photos. I transitioned into photographing racquetball, as I was tapped to shoot a national event in 2011. 

For the next decade, I would follow and document professional racquetball exclusively. You will still find my work with most major manufacturers in some way, as well as national organizations, with my images found in almost every Racquetball Magazine printed during this time. Add to that my formal work with the pro tours, and you will find my involvement comprehensive. During this time, racquetball had been navigating instability and falling interest as sports and health clubs moved towards a myriad of other options for membership, leaving racquetball here in the States on the fringes with considerably less engagement here in the US. You can see this clearly in the transition to Mexican and South American players topping out professional rankings. Where the US dominated in the past, it struggles to represent in the rankings today, as racquetball has become increasingly popular in Mexico and Central and South America, where engagement thrives. I covered this unique time of transition in racquetball with my blog and a comprehensive body of work.

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During the time, I continued to compete in outdoor racquetball tournaments. For a good part of the time, I managed to keep both aspects separate. Aside from the few professional players that were engaging in outdoor racquetball at the time, those two worlds, for me, remained pretty separated.

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